Art of the Song

"Harmonic Rhythm -"  What is it?  It's the rate at which the chords in a song move through time.

Here is a song by Bacharach & David called, " Walk On By."  This song is 20 (twenty) bars long.  It's form is ABAB.  Imagine a song twenty bars long, and, yet, it was a major hit for them.  One never knows!

Here is how the chords move through time.  A forward slash / = one beat.    Also - = bar line.  This song is in 4/4 time.

am7 / D9 / - am7 / D9 / -  am7 / D9 / - am7 / D9 -   so for four bars there are the same chords on the first and third beats.

gm7 /// - am7 /// - gm7 /// - am7 -    so for four bars there are the same two chords on the first beat of each measure

dm7/// - am7 /// - Bbma7 /// - C9sus ///  so on these four bars there are  four different chords changes on every bar on the first beat -  variety is extremely important!

Fma7 /// - Bbma7 /// - Fma7 /// - Bbma7 ///

Fma7 /// - Bbma7 /// - Fma7 /// - Bbma7 ///  And the last eight bars is a repeated chord pattern on the first beat of the bar.  

It's amazing what one can do with so little in terms of Harmonic Rhythm.



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