Art of the Song

So you start with this "stream of consciousness" and your mind drifts in every direction possible.  But here is the trick.  Take the "stream of consciousness" and place it in different categories. Take an object like a car and let your mind flow.  For example:  Car: window, doors, back seat, mirrors, dash board, breaks, locks, gas, steering wheel, etc..  Now go to another category:  Take medicine:  pills, health, headaches, pain, blood pressure, heart rate, teeth, vision, running, well being.

Just let it flow don't edit:  Now combine the two categories and see if you can create a sentence a complete thought.  Let's see if I can come up with one.

My life took a backseat because of the headaches and pressure of not listening to my intuition.  I drank the pill  of self doubt which put the breaks on my career.

See what I'm getting at.  This simple technique leads you into areas of imagination and possibilities you would normally not encounter.

Have fun

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  • Andrew Kane
    Andrew Kane S.Philly
    Always love to read your thoughts and insights James

    Always love to read your thoughts and insights James

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