Art of the Song

Having studied a good many years in music and stretched my mental muscles into flexible possibilities of experience, I came to the conclusion, which often leads me astray, that the labor of love and intense desire to satisfy my thirst for creativity is an endless challenge.  Its rewards are in the doing! 

The timeless repetition of thinking about the process, of corralling the self-doubts and taming the enthusiasm, in other words, putting the emotions into perspective.  What a Task! 

The tasting of beauty whets the appetite for more work.  It doesn't seem like work, actually.  Like a river flowing and trees bending in the wind, it's something you just do.  The pleasure of sitting still and letting your mind wander and wonder about all sorts of images and colors.  The Landscape of creativity can be vast and intriguing at best; but, one can get lost in this mirror of infinite roaming.  Pick up the pencil, start writing, make it real - make it live in the home of context and limits.  What a joy to define and catch the butterfly of art creating something out of the thin air of imagination! 

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